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Our additional services include all aspects of financial management of a small business.


bulletAccounting Records

  • The Accounting Equation

  • Business Documents and their purpose in both buying and selling

  • Accounting for cash and bank the analysed cash book including basic recording of input and output tax (VAT)

  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

  • Accounting for petty cash

bulletValue Added Tax (VAT)

  • Registration requirement

  • Inputs and Outputs, standard rated, exempt and zero rated supplies

  • Identify and calculate relevant inputs and outputs including the treatment of cash discount and bad debt relief

  • Accruals accounting and cash accounting basis

  • Accounting treatment for VAT

  • Completion of the VAT return

bulletModule 3. Payroll

  • Methods of remuneration and calculation of Gross Pay

  • Statutory and Voluntary deductions

  • The principles of the system of PAYE

  • The preparation of the payroll

  • Starters and Leavers

  • HMRC forms and returns monthly and annual

  • The principles of SSP and SMP

bulletThe Preparation and Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • The profit and loss account

  • The Balance Sheet

  • The above will include the treatment of provisions and adjustments

  • Mark-up and Margin

  • Performance Indicators to measure:

    • Profitability

    • Liquidity

    • Financial Structure (simple gearing calculation)

bulletTaxation and the Self Employed

  • Preparation of accounts for tax purposes

  • Adjusting profit for non-allowable expenses

  • Capital Allowances, balancing allowances and balancing charges

  • Personal and other allowances

  • The tax liability including class 2 and class 4 NI

  • The small Ltd Company and taxation

bulletPricing the Product or Service

  • Direct and Indirect Costs

  • Cost behaviour Fixed and Variable Costs

  • Recovery of Overhead.

  • CVP (cost, volume, profit analysis including break-even)

  • Target Costing

bulletWorking Capital Control and Forward Planning

  • The working capital cycle and its effect on cash flow

  • The principles of credit control (control of debtors)

  • The preparation of functional budgets and the cash flow forecast

  • The preparation of the forecasted profit and loss account and balance sheet

  • Methods of funding short term deficits and short term surplus cash management

  • Analysis of forecast to actual expenditure through variances and their timely reporting


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